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Clients have learned to trust the experienced practice of Gary Giesler Law when they require legal advice. Gary Giesler has been practicing law for many years, so if you need the services of a trusted North San Diego County Attorney, call our office at (760) 295-3567. Gary Giesler represents clients in residential and commercial real estate, business, litigation, alternate dispute resolutions and other areas.

Gary Giesler has an unblemished track record with the State Bar of California. The office of Gary Giesler Law is here to defend your rights when necessary and to help you ensure that your business practices do not infringe on the rights of others. Gary Giesler Law offers flexible appointment times, reasonable attorney fees and quick responses to legal inquiries.

Business Law Services in Vista & North San Diego County

If you need ongoing legal advice to protect the bottom line of your business, look no further than the office of Gary Giesler Law. Whether you need up-to-date California legal advice when making decisions for an established company, or your business is still in the planning stages, Gary Giesler is ready to serve. His business law services include business planning, contract disputes, representation for mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.

Real Estate Legal Services in North San Diego County

When you need a real estate attorney in North San Diego County, Gary Giesler is here to help. Gary has represented buyers, sellers, escrow companies and real estate brokers as they navigate the complex world of residential real estate. If you require the services of a commercial real estate lawyer, Gary can also help. He has worked with landlords, tenants, developers, contractors, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and more when it comes to California’s real estate market.

North San Diego County Litigation Services Attorney

When negotiations stall, communications break down or another party simply refuses to recognize your rights, you must turn to the services of an experienced litigation attorney. The office of Gary Giesler Law has represented thousands of clients, large and small, in the California court system. Don’t try to resolve a legal dispute on your own! Contact Gary Giesler to begin a consultation on how to move forward with a lawsuit to protect your rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Sometimes it is better to stay out of the California court system by resolving a dispute through an alternative method. Attorney Gary Giesler can represent you during a mediation, negotiation or arbitration hearing to try to resolve your dispute with another party.

If you need an experienced attorney on your side in the Vista or North San Diego County areas, contact the office of Gary Giesler Law. You can schedule a consultation by calling (760) 295-3567.

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